Taller/Galería de Arte “Yo Soy El Que Soy” by Italo René Expósito Lo Giudice y Lara Romero

Cities: Habana, Cuba

Art genre: Galleries, since 2012

Espacio artístico de pintura y escultura en casa de Italo René Expósito Lo Giudice y Lara Romero, ubicado en Calle 13, e/ 2 y 4, #811 en La Habana, Cuba.
Colaboración activa de los artistas Gabriel Coto Ganuza y Boris René Vallejo.


Sweet Home 2018 by hablarenarte

Cities: Madrid, Spain

Art genre: Residencies, Visual & performance art, since 2014

Sweet Home is a research residency programme in domestic spaces that gives value and delivers new ways of doing and relating to each other by sharing our day-to-day life. We seek to create effective and affective ties between artists, curators, researchers and the rest of cultural agents, transforming our homes into places of encounter that give born to new practices from shared intimacy.

Contact: florencia@hablarenarte.com, carmen@hablarenarte.com,

Altofest International Contemporary Live Arts Festival by TeatrInGestAzione

Cities: Napoli, Italy

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, since 2011

Since 2011, every year, in different areas of the city, Naples’ citizens become Altofest’s space donors, welcome national and international artists in their private spaces, offering the gift of their hospitality and accommodation. The whole “fest” is conceived and built as a shared and extended work: the artistic direction puts in relation every proposal with citizens and their spaces following a uniform dramaturgy, making the entire Altofest a total play.



Contact: internationalprojects@teatringestazione.com,

stay hungry by Michel Aniol, Meike Kuhnert

Cities: berlin, germany

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, Visual & performance art, since 2014

stay hungry is an artist-run, independent and non-commercial project, that realizes a multilayered and interdisciplinary program in dialogue and collaboration with artists, curators and actors of the independent art and cultural scene. In 2016 stay hungry launched an interventional food series called Mobile Menu, that provides formal and / or content-related meal in connection with the respective exhibition topic and is severed on the finissage.

Contact: info@stayhungry-projectspace.de , , , ,

Zweite Wohnzimmerbiennale by collective

Cities: Vienna, Austria

Art genre: p, Visual & performance art, 2011

People provide access to their living space for one day and one night – thereby turning their living room into a temporary Offspace. This time, a large share in the seventh district opens its doors to the public – the exact address was announced by invitation.

Contact: kunst@wohnzimmerbiennale.com,

Chambres d’amis by Curator: Jan Hoet Artists: Carla Accardi, Christian Boltanski, Raf Buedts, Daniel Buren, Michael Buthe, Jacques Charlier, Nicola de Maria, Luciano Fabro, Günther Förg, Jef Geys, Dan Graham, Milan Grygar, François Hers, Kazuo Katase, Niek Kemps, Joseph Kosuth, Jannis Kounellis, Bertrand Lavier, Sol Lewitt, Danny Matthys, Gerhard Merz, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, Helmut Middendorf, Juan Muñoz, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Bruce Nauman, Maria Nordman, Oswald Oberhuber, Heike Pallanca, Panamarenko, Giulio Paolini, Royden Rabinowitch, Norbert Radermacher, Roger Raveel, Wolfgang Robbe, Claude Rutault, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Remo Salvadori, Rob Scholte, Ettore Spalletti, Paul Thek, Niele Toroni, Charles Vandenhove, Philip Van Isacker, Jan Vercruysse, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Martin Walde, Lawrence Weiner, Robin Winters, Gilberto Zorio.

Cities: Ghent, Belgium

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 1986

The show placed art in 58 houses belonging to everyday townspeople, carrying the work outside the separate universe, the total institution, of the museum, to bring it within the private zone of the private home, an asocial place insofar as it is removed from the public arena. Not only –-as some sceptics might remark-– in the homes of extremely rich art collectors of people in the design trade nor in meeting-rooms of so-called ‘progressive’’ associations, nor in empty studios of obscure artists, but in all sorts of homes. The artists’ self-imposed task is to transform these spaces –-within the limits imposed by the owners or occupiers-– into something which can be dentified as ‘art’. (…)


minute/year by Kovács/O’Doherty

Cities: Berlin

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2016-2018

Minute/Year is an automated, multi-year durational work, in which sound is automatically layered in a resonant space, for one minute each day, and then published online, daily, as audio and accompanying spectrogram image. Every day, for one minute, Minute/Year adds a new layer. The daily process goes like this: the sound that is occurring in a single ordinary living room space, during a single minute, is recorded. But, simultaneously, the previous day’s recording – of the sound of the same space 24 hours before – is played back into the space. So, each recording includes its predecessor, which includes its predecessor in turn, and so on, in a potentially infinite regression. Each day’s minute-long recording is then converted into a spectrogram – an image of the frequencies of the audio — and the two parts are then published online. This entire process is automated – it happens without any human involvement, and runs daily at 20:18 (in 2018). The space in which the piece occurs alters each year (Currently it is in Ladenkino, Berlin. In 2016, it was a room in a private apartment; in 2017, it was in Lütticher 5, an shared artist project and living space in Berlin).

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/kovacsodoherty,

house pARTy by July 1987: Călin Dan, Dan Mihaltianu, Wanda Mihuleac, Andrei Oișteanu, Decebal Scriba, Nadina Scriba, Dan Stanciu August 1988: Călin Dan, Teodor Graur, Iosif Kiraly, Dan Mihaltianu, Wanda Mihuleac, Andrei Oișteanu, Decebal Scriba, Nadina Scriba, Dan Stanciu co-acting: Bob (the house dog) camera: Ovidiu Bojor, Dan Mihaltianu digital transfer, post-processing, editing: Dan Mihaltianu

Cities: Bucharest

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 1987, 1988

house pARTy was an alternative and collective artistic manifestation, initiated by Nadina and Decebal Scriba in July 1987 and repeated in August 1988, at their home residence in Bucharest. The film of the two nights presents the installations, interventions and performances of the participants, prepared and realized in front of the video camera. Both the experimental nature of the artistic actions and their cinematic character make house pARTy a historic and aesthetic document unique in the history of visual arts in Romania.


project unite by Curator: Yves Aupetitallot

Cities: Firminy, France

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 1993

Turn right at the drug rehabilitation centre, left at the unfinished church and go straight past the empty concrete sports stadium and you arrive at Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in the small, post-industrial French town of Firminy. Symptomatic of most utopian housing projects, the North Wing of the apartment block was condemned and evacuated in 1983, since when it has remained unoccupied and shut off from the outside world. Earlier this year, as part of a campaign by the residents’ association to reopen the wing and gain official recognition of the importance of the site, Project Unité was organized to invite selected artists to exhibit in the dormant apartments of the North Wing.


98B COLLABoratory by 98B COLLABoratory

Cities: Manila, Philippines

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, 2012 ongoing

98B COLLABoratory is an artist-run initiative and space in Manila, Philippines. We are a community + network + library + kitchen + shop. The idea is to have a setting where artists and creative individuals from other disciplines can interact and work together while presenting art, design and creativity in different possibleways.

Contact: hello@98-b.org,

AP. 1

Cities: Bucharest

Art genre: Galleries, 2017 -

AP. 1 is a domestic gallery, a day by day inhabited apartment transformed in a gallery showing exclusively to photography and her relatives. AP. 1 changes the exhibited photos a few times each year and invites people to see themOn regular days, we can schedule a visit on e-mail, a private message or by phone..

Contact: knock@ap1.space,

Krunska 54

Cities: Belgrade, Serbia

Art genre: Theater, 2012-2013

One night, one flat, two people in a love story.

Contact: micunhotmail@gmail.com,

Salon Natasha by Vu Dan Tan , Natasha Kraevskaia

Cities: Hanoi, Vietnam

Art genre: Galleries, Multidisciplinary, 1990 present

Vietnam’s First Independent Art Space

Contact: nkraevskaia@yandex.ru,

In a Room by Artists: Beuteltier & Claudia Heinzler, Björn Kühn & Anna Romanenko, Nick McHarg, Signe Raunkjær Holm and Emily Wardill / Curators: Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert, Florian Model / Organisation: anorak

Cities: Karlsruhe, Germany

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 22.04.2017-13.05.2017

“The ceiling and the floor fell in love, but only the wall knew.”*

Is this the outcome of them being close? Does this even seem plausible to you?
Imagine a narrative as a straight line that goes astray. Imagine it becoming a haunted space, a cluster of possibilities that constantly re-institutes itself. Would you still be able to trace the edges?
If narratives are sense-making tools, what’s the relationship between plausibility and causality? How do you navigate through a story without closure … where events become loose ends dangling next to each other, waiting for the accidental touch.

“In a Room” is an exhibition that explores some of those questions and more in the intimate space of artist Claudia Heinzler’s private apartment.

__ *Adam Rex, “Wall of Essence”, Magic the Gathering (Stronghold Expansion Pack 1998)

The show is the second chapter of anorak’s series “Mixed Feelings” curated by Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert and Florian Model.

Contact: hello@anorakanorak.com,

Mildred’s Lane by Morgan Puett, Mark Dion, Grey Rabbit Puett

Cities: Delaware River Valley, United States of America

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, 1998 - present

Mildred’s  Lane is a rustic, 96-acre site deep in the woods of rural northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a home and an experiment in living. Mildred’s Lane attempts to coevolve a rigorous pedagogical strategy, where a working-living-researching environment has been developed to foster engagement with every aspect of life. The entire site has become a living museum, or rather – a new contemporary art complex(ity). It is now important to sidestep the debates around what is art ( or design, architecture and fashion) in order to activate these turbulent multiplicities. It is more a question of praxis and action, is it in an institution? Storefront? A gallery? Deep in the woods? At Home?

Contact: mildredslane@gmail.com,

green papaya art projects by Green Papaya Art Projects

Cities: Quezon City, Philippines

Art genre: kitchen, Multidisciplinary, Residencies, social activism, 13 May 2000 to 13 May 2021

Green Papaya Art Projects is an independent initiative that supports and organizes actions and propositions that explore alternative approaches to the production, dissemination and representation of art in various disciplines. Papaya endeavors to provide a platform for intellectual exchange, sharing of information, critical dialogue and creative-practical collaboration among the arts community.

.Working Artists Grup roundtable discussion 2014

Contact: greenpapayaartprojects@gmail.com, , ,

Letzte Wohnungen (Last apartments) by Theater Freiburg / Director Viola Hasselberg / Dramaturgy Jonas Görtz / Music Bernadette LaHengst / Costumes and set design Viva Schudt

Cities: Freiburg, Germany

Art genre: Theater, 2014-2016

The theater project “Letzte Wohnungen” (Last apartments) is a theatrical and discursive journey with very old and very young people in a home for senior-citizens: the Wohnstift Freiburg in south west Germany. A group of children and adolescents imagined a possible future in about 100 years’ time, when all problems regarding optimization of the human condition will have been solved: failed organs can be regrown instantly, life can be extended infinitely, sleep is abolished, natural birth no longer necessary. Realizing that something is missing in this world, they decide to travel back in time, to the year of 2016, where they will meet “old people”, something that no longer exists. The future’s “replicants” are all very old themselves, but since aging has been overcome as well, they all live in the everlasting bodies of youth. Back in time, our present, they engage with the elderly in their retirement home, where they meet and learn from a historical form of life: a life where experiences are made through the fundamental processes of growing, ageing and finally death.

The project was realised in a long-term commitment of about two years, during which weekly rehearsals with the inhabitants of the home – that averaged about 87 years of lifetime – took place. The performance itself was a course through several apartments where intimate scenes between the old and the young performers were presented in form of installation-style audio drama scenes. As a result, the spectators were able to not only be part of a theatrical performance, but could also experience a very private world of a generation with rather little contact to younger ones.

Contact: jonas.goertz@theater.freiburg.de,

Olohuonenäyttely – Living Room Exhibition by Mikko Fritze

Cities: Helsinki, Finland

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2015

is an independent and portable exhibition format, which exhibits artworks of young European artists for two days in different private rooms of Helsinki. All kinds of contemporary art will be combined in a unconventional way and customized as a festival to the public.

Contact: il@helsinki.goethe.org,

g point by Krzysztof Franaszek

Cities: Warsaw, Poland

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, Visual & performance art, 2007 - 2013

The art studio “g – point” had place on 24 Poznańska street, Warsaw Poland. I rented it from the city. Beautiful place on the border of survived Warsaw. It was 100 square meters studio with a terrace on a roof. It was place for meeting friends and artists. We organized some shows and speeches. Also we lived, worked there making sculptures, drawings, video arts.

Contact: 48 509 099 710, krisfranaszek@gmail.com,

Wing by Leslie Van Eyck

Cities: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2015 ongoing

WING is a non profit platform for performance founded in 2015 hosting small scaled performances, workshops, residencies and other events on basis of sharing space, time and ideas in relation to the local environment and an international network of people.

Contact: leslie.vaneyck@wingplatform.org,

Sonntag by Adrian Schiesser + April Gertler

Cities: Berlin, Germany

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2012 ongoing

We invite one artist to show their work within a domestic apartment context (the apartment is never that of the artist themselves) and we make that artist’s favorite cake – in our opinion the event in Joseph Beuy’s words is a social sculpture. The cake element references Kaffee und Kuchen German style but it is also another way for the viewing audience to understand and get a small insight into who the artist is.

Contact: sonntagberlin@gmail.com ,

Shifting Spaces by Sandra Gnjatović

Cities: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2014 - 2016

‘Shifting Spaces’ evokes physical and temporal awareness that arises when we allow ourselves to a slowed-down, sentient experience. When looking at global issues, it is important to take a local and human perspective to deconstruct the mental, physical, public and private space. During 44 Days, various artists inhabit W139, giving in to a sense of community and compassion. The artworks range from daily performances to an enormous mural and from video screenings to a teahouse. ART = LIFE = WORK”, Louwrien Wijer

Contact: dragnealexandra@gmail.com, ,

CONDOMÍNIO – Festival of Local Culture at Domestic Spaces by Angela Rocha + Inês Alves + Leonor Carpinteiro + Lia Ferreira + Rita Mendes

Cities: Lisbon, Portugal; Évora, Portugal

Art genre: Multidisciplinary, 2014-today

Portuguese multidisciplinary cultural festival that started on May 2014, and is based in Lisbon. The festival takes place two to three times a year, always in different houses and neighborhoods, during one weekend, after launching an open call for projects and houses. Anyone can apply to host the festival or to propose an activity. After the selection being done by the organization, each edition takes place in two private houses, which are occupied with a variety of innovative projects related to art, culture, ecology and social topics.
CONDOMÍNIO main aims are the promotion of local artists/thinkers and others whose work is connected to the city/urban space or presents alternatives to it; to develop unconventional venues while promoting the local architecture, using the potential of private spaces to provoke creative situations; and to create a platform where to exchange ideas in an informal, healthy, light and personal atmosphere, where a closer relation between audience and artists is possible.
So far, more than one hundred projects were presented in fourteen different houses or private spaces, helping to establish many new collaborations between artists, hosts and audience.

Contact: condominio.festival@gmail.com / +351 96 399 84 68, ,

SALON DU SALON by Salon du Salon

Cities: Marseille, France

Art genre: Galleries, 2013 - ongoing

Salon du Salon is an art space located in the double living room of an apartment, a place in which a domestic exhibition related to publishing is provided. Les éditions Salon du Salon publish editions with artists they are related to. •
Salon du Salon est un espace d’art situé dans le double salon d’un appartement, lieu dans lequel est proposé un accrochage domestique lié à l’édition.Les éditions Salon du Salon réalisent des éditions avec les artistes avec lesquels elles sont en lien. Salon du Salon est une association à but non lucratif.

Contact: edition@salondusalon.com ,

Roma Arts by Roy Voragen

Cities: Bandung, Indonesia

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2012 - 2013

Roma Arts promotes passionate,ambisious, focused ways of producing presenting, experiencing and writing about the divers form of arts. In 2012 Roma Art initiated a residency program to foster creative person to person contacts. The artist were hosted in the home of the curator.

Contact: royvoragen@hotmail.com, , , ,

private movement spaces by Simone Rueß

Cities: Stuttgart, Germany; Paris, France; Dijon, France; Berlin, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; Ulm, Germany

Art genre: Visual & performance art, since 2005

Temporarily inhabiting flats of others, getting used to their space, the structure of the flat, its mesures and the objects in each flat. Producing routines in spaces that usually influence the routines of their owners. Collecting the traces of daily movements in sketches and photographs. Movements over a longer time summed up to a simultaneity are showing the certain movement space of each flat, made visible in drawings and objects.

Contact: mail@urbik.org ,

Ramūno Ateljė by Ramūno Abukevičiaus

Cities: Vilnius, Lithuania

Art genre: Theater, 2004 - 2013

Cehov, Marguerite Duras, Camus and more in a house from Vilnius.

Contact: rateljevadyba@gmail.com,

Prostor by civic organization Prostor

Cities: Banja Luca, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2015

Project “PROSTOR” (in English: Space) from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded as civic association, non-governmental and non-profit art platform located in an apartment of 37m2, which is based on values such as interdisciplinarity and cooperation.”Space” is created with aim to draw attention to the need for space for contemporary art and to point out on its significance. Guided by this idea, while listening to public conversations and following researches and debates, we have noticed that the them often raised issue is about the position and articulation of youth, especially of renowned artists in the local and wider, regional and international scene.

Contact: ugprostor@gmail.com,

PANORAMA media project by concept: Lilla Váczi, Adela Muntean

Cities: Cserhátszentiván, Hungary

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2016


The aim of the PANORAMA media project was to processed the Cserhátszentiván (is a small village in northern Hungary) in an audiovisual way. This village is 800 years old, but now only 100 people live here, so soon this cummunity will disappear. The finished works (photos and videos of the village) were exhibited in an empty house, was like memories of Cserhátszentiván. The implementation of the project of the Tű Fokán Art Festival is made possible.

Contact: lilla.vaczi@gmail.com ,

Ibsen to my living room! (Hedda Gabler) by dollardady's (Dollár Papa Gyermekei)

Cities: Budapest, Hungary

Art genre: Theater, 2010 ongoing

OVER 150 flats // dollardaddy’s gained awareness and popularity with their project called Ibsen to my living room! (Hedda Gabler). Their productions could be performed in any apartment, groups of friends or casual communities could order a performance of theirs, too.

Contact: ordogtamas@hotmail.com,

lorgean theatre by Jean-Lorin Sterian

Cities: Bucharest, Romania

Art genre: Residencies, Theater, Visual & performance art, 2008 - 2014

lorgean theatre is the first romanian living-room theater, opened in december 2008, with the performance Home Alone. lorgean theatre involves theater and contemporary dance in the domestic spaces. lorgean theatre’s audience is as important as the performance. sometimes is part of the performance. At lorgean theatre the audience don’t pay the entrance fee, but bring objects related to the theme of the performance.

Contact: jeanlorin.sterian@gmail.com,

Gallery Mikhail by Madli Ehasalu

Cities: Tallinn, Estonia

Art genre: Galleries, Visual & performance art, 2016

Gallery Mihhail is an apartment gallery in Mustamäe, Tallinn. Honouring the tradition of apartment exhibitions, housing projects and the legacy of Le Corbusier, the gallery has taken its name from the famous 1980 Moscow Olympics mascot Мишка.

Contact: madli.ehasalu@artun.ee, gallerymihhail@gmail.com,

Inquiry Inc [2016] by Format C art organization

Cities: Osijek, Croatia

Art genre: Galleries, Visual & performance art, 2015 ongoing

“Inquiry Inc.[2016]” is an Artist Run Center project, with an open public programme, based in a member’s house adapted into an open NGO headquarters with a gallery.
The aim of Inquiry Inc. is to articulate a space of contemporary artistic research and collaborative production, and to help affirm fresh paradigms of new media explored via applying processes of co-creation and distributive knowledge. Our frequent activities (expos, talks, workshops, screenings, …) are open to our local and online communities and they are meant to develop a transdisciplinary and an intergenerational dialogue.

Contact: dina@formatc.hr ,

HomeFest by Homemade Culture

Cities: Bucharest, Romania

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2014 - ongoing

HomeFest is the first cultural Romanian festival that takes place only in houses and apartments. If city halls take care of facades, we propose an interior rehabilitation through art events. HomeFest is a project initiated by lorgean theatre, the first theater apartment in Romania. Since 2014, HomeFest brings the artistic experiments in domestic spaces, transforming living rooms and bedrooms in a stage, offering a good opportunity to meet your neighbors elsewhere than in front of the block or at the market.

Contact: jeanlorin.sterian@gmail.com, homemculture@gmail.com,

Homemade Gallery by Homemade Gallery

Cities: Milan, Italy

Art genre: Galleries

Homemade gallery is an idea, an initiative and a space that is born to host the creativity of young artists. Our space is nor a gallery or a museum, but a home that welcomes art lovers of every kind and age and hosts the work designed by the most creative minds. Guests can explore with absolute freedom the rooms of the house, between couches and bookshelves, desks and chairs, along a path intimate that allows everyone to relate to the works and artists in a friendly context.

Contact: hmadegallery@gmail.com,

Heart-shaped Cookie by Li Lorian and Dafna Argaman

Cities: Jerusalem, Israel

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2015

A collaboration between two women, mother and daughter, who are sharing openly different experiences. In the living room, a space of hosting and encounter, the two touch upon feminine sexuality and desire trying to unravel the silence and silencing in society.

Contact: lilorian@gmail.com ,

Abia astept by Enrico Bernardis

Cities: Bucharest, Romania

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2014

This is a project that merges reflections about life, death, our relationship with new tecnologies and the idea of memories with Italian pregiudices about Rumanian people. I have taken a stone from a construction site in Bucharest that was paving with new stones a part of the Revolution Square (Piața Revoluției) between the Memorial of Rebirt (Memorialul Renaşterii) and the Ministry of Interiors and I have asked to an engraving laboratory to do my personal gravestone.

Contact: enricobernardis@gmail.com ,

IŠTRAUK MANE by Enrico Bernardis

Cities: Vilnius, Lithuania

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2012

This project has as subject the production of a new sweet created joining two already existing recipes: in the encounter both the recipes lose their origins and meaning and merge complementarly to represent and give shape to a story inspired by episodes that came from the novel by Thomas Mann “The young Joseph“. The recipes chosen for this project are Sakotis and Tiramisù.

Contact: enricobernardis@gmail.com ,

Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale by Anna Buyvid, Anna Khodorkovskaya

Cities: Amsterdam, Netherlands Kiev, Ukraine Perm, Russia St. Petersburg, Russia Dallas, USA Krems, Austria Bucharest, Romania Tampere, Finland Athens, Greece Tel Avib, Israel

Art genre: Worldwide events, 2016 ongoing

Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale is a new formation, whose mission is to create an opportunity of innovative union and mobilise self-organizing in the arts on a global scale. Artist’s studios and apartment galleries as alternative exhibition spaces have rarely been included in popular art history. It is time to change it. During the WASBiennale, a number of exhibitions and various art events will take place in artist studios, apartment galleries and even private spaces all over the world over the world at the same time.

Contact: wasbiennale@gmail.com,

8performancetheater by Alexandru Nagy – artistic director Adrian Petrariu, Florentina Ciocănea producers

Cities: Bucharest, Romania

Art genre: Theater, 2015 ongoing

8pt is an itinerary performative platform, challenging audiences to discover new spaces. No stage, no curtain, no backstage. Performers and audience in the same square meter, at the distance of only a breath.

Contact: alexandru.robert.nagy@gmail.com ,

Berliner Zimmer by David Pollmann

Cities: Berlin, Germany

Art genre: Visual & performance art, 2016 ongoing

The interdisciplinary group exhibition BERLINER ZIMMER focusses on body-related and performative artwork. It is held in private apartments in Berlin and elsewhere. The exhibitions are individually themed. Address on request.

Contact: attackdarkandy@gmail.com,