galeria 29

After one year of doing things on the street, I have lately become more and more interested in making objects for a gallery. My motivation came from the large number of artists I have come to admire for their works produced for exhibition spaces. Thus, I chose to build my own gallery in the living-room of my apartment. This space allows me to work independently, following my own interests. It also gives me the opportunity to function as an exhibiting artist and as a curator, at the same time.My intention is to keep this gallery going for one year, from August 2008 to July 2009. Invitations will be sent to a limited number of people. Some of the exhibitions will be of my own works, and the rest will be dedicated to a number of people I appreciate and want to promote.The gallery works as a space for the distribution of contemporary art. All the exhibits will be given to the public at the end of the exhibitions. Half of them will be offered to those who are present at the opening, through a raffle or tombola. The other half will be made available to people on the web, using the same procedure.

Taller/Galería de Arte “Yo Soy El Que Soy”

Espacio artístico de pintura y escultura en casa de Italo René Expósito Lo Giudice y Lara Romero, ubicado en Calle 13, e/ 2 y 4, #811 en La Habana, Cuba.
Colaboración activa de los artistas Gabriel Coto Ganuza y Boris René Vallejo.

AP. 1

AP. 1 is a domestic gallery, a day by day inhabited apartment transformed in a gallery showing exclusively to photography and her relatives. AP. 1 changes the exhibited photos a few times each year and invites people to see themOn regular days, we can schedule a visit on e-mail, a private message or by phone..


Salon du Salon is an art space located in the double living room of an apartment, a place in which a domestic exhibition related to publishing is provided. Les éditions Salon du Salon publish editions with artists they are related to. •
Salon du Salon est un espace d’art situé dans le double salon d’un appartement, lieu dans lequel est proposé un accrochage domestique lié à l’édition.Les éditions Salon du Salon réalisent des éditions avec les artistes avec lesquels elles sont en lien. Salon du Salon est une association à but non lucratif.

Gallery Mikhail

Gallery Mihhail is an apartment gallery in Mustamäe, Tallinn. Honouring the tradition of apartment exhibitions, housing projects and the legacy of Le Corbusier, the gallery has taken its name from the famous 1980 Moscow Olympics mascot Мишка.

Inquiry Inc [2016]

“Inquiry Inc.[2016]” is an Artist Run Center project, with an open public programme, based in a member’s house adapted into an open NGO headquarters with a gallery.
The aim of Inquiry Inc. is to articulate a space of contemporary artistic research and collaborative production, and to help affirm fresh paradigms of new media explored via applying processes of co-creation and distributive knowledge. Our frequent activities (expos, talks, workshops, screenings, …) are open to our local and online communities and they are meant to develop a transdisciplinary and an intergenerational dialogue.

Homemade Gallery

Homemade gallery is an idea, an initiative and a space that is born to host the creativity of young artists. Our space is nor a gallery or a museum, but a home that welcomes art lovers of every kind and age and hosts the work designed by the most creative minds. Guests can explore with absolute freedom the rooms of the house, between couches and bookshelves, desks and chairs, along a path intimate that allows everyone to relate to the works and artists in a friendly context.