In a Room

“The ceiling and the floor fell in love, but only the wall knew.”*

Is this the outcome of them being close? Does this even seem plausible to you?
Imagine a narrative as a straight line that goes astray. Imagine it becoming a haunted space, a cluster of possibilities that constantly re-institutes itself. Would you still be able to trace the edges?
If narratives are sense-making tools, what’s the relationship between plausibility and causality? How do you navigate through a story without closure … where events become loose ends dangling next to each other, waiting for the accidental touch.

“In a Room” is an exhibition that explores some of those questions and more in the intimate space of artist Claudia Heinzler’s private apartment.

__ *Adam Rex, “Wall of Essence”, Magic the Gathering (Stronghold Expansion Pack 1998)

The show is the second chapter of anorak’s series “Mixed Feelings” curated by Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert and Florian Model.