CONDOMÍNIO – Festival of Local Culture at Domestic Spaces

Portuguese multidisciplinary cultural festival that started on May 2014, and is based in Lisbon. The festival takes place two to three times a year, always in different houses and neighborhoods, during one weekend, after launching an open call for projects and houses. Anyone can apply to host the festival or to propose an activity. After the selection being done by the organization, each edition takes place in two private houses, which are occupied with a variety of innovative projects related to art, culture, ecology and social topics.
CONDOMÍNIO main aims are the promotion of local artists/thinkers and others whose work is connected to the city/urban space or presents alternatives to it; to develop unconventional venues while promoting the local architecture, using the potential of private spaces to provoke creative situations; and to create a platform where to exchange ideas in an informal, healthy, light and personal atmosphere, where a closer relation between audience and artists is possible.
So far, more than one hundred projects were presented in fourteen different houses or private spaces, helping to establish many new collaborations between artists, hosts and audience.