Homemade Culture is based on the encounters between works of art and home.

In 2008 I began to organize, irregularly artistic events where artists and performeres presented their creations in my apartment. This is how I started lorgean theatre, the first living-room theater from Romania. Since 2014 I manage HomeFest, an art festival held only in private spaces. After a while I’ve started to spot events that can be framed as homemade culture from all over the world, meaning theater, visual and performance art held in private inhabited spaces. In this moment I’m building an open platform, where all the homemade culture events will be mapped and where everyone can add his own contribution. The mapping process is not an easy one cause most of the homemade culture events are not advertised. I defined the domestic box as the living space in which assumed artistic acts take place. This space is activated when a meeting takes place in it, one between the artists and the audience, mediated directly by the host (through organization) and indirectly through the space provided, which by default becomes the scenography of all the cultural events held in that house. Homemade culture is what is born from this meeting, the living product generated in and by the domestic space. Hospitality begins at home – but it also describes our relations to each other as people, territories and nations. (Jean-Lorin Sterian)